Addressing EPA’s New PFAS Drinking Water Rule: Ovivo Leads the Way

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Blogs

Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized a national Primary Drinking Water Regulation (NPDWR), establishing enforceable Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) for six (6) per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). This announcement marks a significant step forward in ensuring safe drinking water for communities across the country.

The Significance of the Event:
The establishment of enforceable PFAS MCLs is a monumental achievement that highlights the commitment to safeguarding public health through water treatment. By setting these standards, the EPA is taking decisive action to address the presence of PFAS in drinking water and expects this rule will prevent exposure to PFAS for approximately 100 million people, prevent thousands of fatalities, and reduce tens of thousands of serious PFAS-related illnesses.

The History of PFAS:
PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) chemistry dates back to the late 1930s, with widespread commercial use starting in the 1950s. These chemicals have found their way into numerous consumer and industrial products, spanning sectors such as aerospace, electronics, automotive, and household goods like stain-resistant carpets, nonstick cookware, and food packaging. Notably, aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF), containing PFAS, has been instrumental in fire suppression due to its rapid extinguishing properties.

However, mounting concerns have emerged regarding the potential risks these substances pose to human health and the environment.

The Impact on Water Quality and Public Health:
PFAS have been a growing concern due to their mobility, persistence, and widespread presence in the environment as their harmful health and environmental effects have become better understood. With the final determination of MCLs, a clear nationwide regulatory framework is now in place to guide treatment efforts in reducing PFAS levels in drinking water for millions of Americans. As water systems work towards compliance with this new rule, they will have a crucial role in protecting public health and ensuring access to clean, safe drinking water.

While the introduction of PFAS MCLs is a positive development for public health, it also comes with significant implementation challenges and costs, particularly for public Drinking Water Utilities. These entities, who are passive receivers of PFAS contamination, will bear the burden of implementing treatment solutions to meet these new standards.

Ovivo’s Response:
Amidst these regulatory developments, Ovivo is proactively responding with the next generation of sustainable PFAS solutions, for municipalities to meet this challenge. February 2024, after a 2-year+ collaboration, Ovivo acquired E2metrix and its established Electrochemical Oxidation technology for onsite PFAS destruction, solidifying its commitment to addressing PFAS contamination.

This acquisition enables Ovivo to offer a comprehensive solution that not only removes PFAS but mineralizes them into non-harmful products. Ovivo’s integrated approach combines concentration, destruction, and polishing technologies to provide a cost-effective solution that destroys all PFAS compounds and meets new regulatory standards.

For more information about the E2metrix acquisition, refer to this press release.

With over 150 years of experience in water treatment, Ovivo brings a legacy of expertise and reliability to the table. As a trusted partner, committed to innovation, Ovivo is dedicated to reducing the PFAS treatment burden on municipalities. With innovative and sustainable solutions, Ovivo aims to reduce operating costs and PFAS disposal liabilities while meeting regulatory requirements. Learn more.