Onsite PFAS Removal with Ozone Foam Fractionation (FF)



The Ovivo Continuous Foam Fractionation process, featuring EVOCRA’s patented technology, provides cost-effective and sustainable onsite per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) treatment solutions for municipalities and for industries throughout United States and Canada.

Ovivo’s system selectively uses both ozone and air to create smaller bubbles with higher overall surface area and higher electrostatic charge compared to air-only systems, significantly boosting PFAS removal and concentration factors.

Ozone and/or air bubbles are introduced to a PFAS-laden water stream inside specially-designed columns. Each PFAS molecule has a hydrophilic, or “water-loving”, head and a hydrophobic, or water-repelling, tail. Due to these properties, the PFAS molecules will align at the large ozone-enhanced gas-water interface at the bubble surface.

These small bubbles, along with the PFAS, rise to the water surface and form a concentrated foam, or foamate, at the top of a column leaving relatively PFAS-free retentate (up to 99% removal of targeted PFAS). The foamate is separated, collapsed, and can and be sent for more economical destruction. The small volume of foamate enriched with PFAS is generally between 1 and 10% of the influent treated, significantly reducing the size and energy requirements of Ovivo’s electrochemical oxidation (EO) PFAS destruction process.

Integrated PFAS Destruction Solutions for Municipalities and Industries

The common treatment approaches for removing PFAS from water are separation using reverse osmosis, or adsorption using a media (ex. granular activated carbon, ion exchange resin). But in all these cases, the PFAS is simply separated from the water, leaving the possibility of PFAS being re-released to the environment. Moreover, these processes are costly.

Utilities or industry must consider where the PFAS will end up. The ultimate disposal and destruction of the captured PFAS must be considered and onsite PFAS destruction offers operators with the greatest confidence with the lowest exposure.

Ovivo’s Continuous Foam Fractionation Process can be added to most any flow sheet for PFAS removal. Pairing with Ovivo’s electro-oxidation process makes for a complete onsite destructive solution. Our team of engineers and field technicians are ready to assist customers in developing the ideal treatment approach to rid PFAS from their waste streams and water supplies, while reducing liabilities associated with the generation of solid waste.

The Ovivo Continuous Foam Fractionation process distinguishes itself from other air-only-based foam fractionation unit operations:


The use of Ozone (O₃) in select columns produces smaller bubbles with more surface area than air (micro-bubbles vs millimeter sized bubbles).

Ozone oxidizes other contaminants which reduces downstream destruction and media polishing competing co-contaminates.
The process is continuous, not batch, for uninterrupted operation.
The process is fully automated, with remote operation and monitoring capabilities.
Suitable for removing PFAS from reverse osmosis concentrates, landfill leachates, industrial wastewater, military contaminated wastes, impacted groundwaters, and drinking water sources.